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Winter Senior Representative Session | Downtown Mount Airy, NC

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Getting 7 girls together right in the middle of their senior year when they’re all active in sports, school events, and most have jobs…well, that’s very difficult. We rescheduled this thing multiple times for weather and did countless polls on dates that worked for everyone. I thought we were finally going to work it out that all 7 girls could come, but one got the flu the day before this shoot. So, 6/7 girls made it and even though I would have loved to have them all, it was still a great shoot! We met EARLY in the morning to get some good sunlight and nobody even complained!

It’s crazy to think this is one of our last shoots. Hopefully we will still be able to have a cap and gown shoot (Coronavirus permitting) and say a final farewell to everyone!

As usual, I can never pick just a few favorites to enjoy a bunch of favorites instead!

  1. Judy Edwards says:

    Awesome pictures

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