Fall 2021 Senior Representatives Session | Sinkland Farms | Christiansburg, VA

I have missed these girls! It was so great to have almost everyone back together again for a little fall shoot at the pumpkin patch. I try my best to sneak in one of these every season so the girls always have fresh photos and I get to see their faces!

It was one of the least “fall” weather days we have had. It ended up straight up hot, but it was such a fun day complete with pumpkin patches, sunflowers, corn mazes and half my girls sliding down kids’ slides. It’s always so fun to have them together after the initial meeting. Now they all know each other and the dynamic is so fun.

I have lots of photos from this session, but I tried to pick my very favorites so I don’t overwhelm the internet today. I’m already looking forward to seeing them again!

I 10000% hate being in photos, but I make myself occasionally so I can document these things! I can’t believe this is my 7th Rep Team!

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