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2020 Senior Representatives |Cap and Gown Session

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I can’t believe that my 2020 senior rep team is officially done! This week we met up and had our last group session.

I’m so grateful for the team I have had this year. This is my 6th Senior Representative Team and even though I have known what I wanted my team to be from Day 1, it was a journey to get here. This team has been so involved, helpful, and just fun to work with. There are some big personalities in this group and they have kept me laughing all year.

As excited as I am to share their final session, I’m a little sad to see them go! And I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t put way too many pictures in this post. I make no apologies.

To my 2020 Reps:

Thank you so much for working with me for your senior year. You have all been so great to work with and have been a blessing to my business this year. Thank you so much for your willingness to try new things, travel for shoots and for bringing so much personality and excitement to this year’s team.

It’s the best to see how much things have changed from our first shoot where a lot of you barely knew each other (or not at all) to have Snapchat messages and being friends. I’ve said it before, but that has always been my hope for this team.

I love all of you girls and I am so thankful that each of you were on my 2020 team. I’m super proud of all of you and even though you didn’t get the typical ending to a senior year, congratulations on being DONE with high school! I hope you guys keep our group texts going and keep me updated on your new lives at college or out in the world! I better get to see you all again when you graduate college and even better, become one of my brides! 😉 #shamelessplug

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