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2021 Senior Representatives | Summer Shoot

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I can’t believe that this is my SEVENTH group of senior representatives. Man, has it changed since my first group in 2014-2015. I’m pretty darn proud of what this team has become and so proud to have these eleven girls working with me this year! They have already proven to be such great cheerleaders of me and my business and also each other. It makes me so incredibly happy to see .

Per usual, the forecast for the day of the shoot was hideous. It was supposed to rain, be extremely windy and the Sahara desert sand/dust was supposed to be coming into the area and things were not going to be pretty. With two days notice, everyone made a change and adjusted to moving the shoot up by one day. We lost our makeup artist, but the girls totally stepped up and did each other’s makeup!

We met early for hair and makeup. The girls opened their gifts (which I suer love…you’ll see their t-shirts later), had snacks made Starbucks runs and we ordered the world’s slowest pizza.

We started our shoot in downtown Wytheville before heading to my family’s land for the second part of our shoot. My kiddos met us there and of course, they had to hop into some photos. I’m always thankful for girls who are nice to my kids. That goes a long way with me. 🙂

I’m so excited to work with all of the girls this year. They are truly such a great group. If you are interested in a senior session with me and have questions you want to ask another senior, these are the girls to talk to!

Hair/Makeup: Mirror Image Salon
Styling: Cassie’s Boutique
Gifts: T-shirts by The Depot/ Earrings by The Clay Label

Araylah’s day was MADE.

Araylah totally jumped in and picked some girls to take a picture with:

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